Google: Permission denied to generate login hint for target domain NOT on localhost

I am trying to create a Google sign-in and getting the error:

Permission denied to generate login hint for target domain

Before you mark this a duplicate, this is not the same as the question asked at Google sign in website Error : Permission denied to generate login hint for target domain because in that case the questioner was on localhost, whereas I am getting this error on the server.

Specifically, I have included the url of the server in the Authorized Javascript Origins, as in the following image:

and when I get the error, the request shows that the same url was sent, as in the following image:

Is there something else I should be putting in my Restrictions page? Is there any way to figure out what is going on here? Is there a log at the developer console that can tell me what is happening?


Okay, I figured this out. I was using an IP address (as in "") for the redirect uri, as this was a test site on the live server, and Google only accepts actual urls (as in "" or "http://localhost") as redirect uris.


I know this is an old question, but it's the first result when you look for the problem via Google, so I'll share my solution with you guys.

When deploying Google OAuth service in a private network, namely some IP that can't be accessed via the Internet, you should use a magic DNS service, like that will give you an URL that your browser will resolve to your internal IP. You see, Google needs to be able to reach your authorized origin via your browser, that's why setting localhost works if you're serving it on your computer, but it won't work when you're deploying outside the Internet, as in a VPN, intranet, or with a tunnel.

So, the steps:

  1. get your IP address, the one you're deploying at and it's not a public domain, let's say it's as an example.
  2. add to your Authorized Javascript Origins on the Google Developer Console.
  3. open your site by visiting
  4. clear your cache for the site, if necessary.
  5. Log in with Google, and voilĂ .

I got to this solution using this answer in another question.

If you testing in your machine (locally). then dont use the IP address (i.e. in the Client ID configuration , but use the local host instead and it should work

Example: http://localhost:8888

If you are using, change it into http://localhost/projects/testplateform, it iwll work.

Just ran across this same issue on an external test server, without a DNS entry yet. If you have permission on your local machine just edit your /etc/hosts file:

And use use as an authorized domain.

To allow ip address to be used as valid javascript origin, first add an entry in your /etc/hosts file

and then add this domain in Authorized Javascript Origins. If you are using some nonstandard port, then specify it with your domain in Authorized Javascript Origins.

Note: Remove your cache and it will work.

I have a server in private net, ip 172.16.X.X The problem was solved with app port ssh-forwarding to my localhost port. Now I am able to use deployed app with google oauth browsing to localhost.

ssh -N -L8081:localhost:8080 ${user}@${host}

I also add localhost:8081 to "Authorized URI redirect" and "Authorized JavaScript sources" in

google developers console

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