COPYing a file in a Dockerfile, no such file or directory?

I have a Dockerfile set up in my root (~) folder. The first three lines of my file look like this:

COPY file1 /root/folder/
COPY file2 /root/folder/
COPY file3 /root/folder/

but it returns the following error for each line:

No such file or directory

The files are in the same directory as my Dockerfile and I am running the command docker build - < Dockerfile in the same directory in terminal as well.

What am I doing wrong here exactly?


The COPY instruction in the Dockerfile copies the files in src to the dest folder. Looks like you are either missing the file1, file2 and file3 or trying to build the Dockerfile from the wrong folder.

Refer Dockerfile Doc

Also the command for building the Dockerfile should be something like.

cd into/the/folder/
docker build -t sometagname .

Do check the .dockerignore file too.

I know this is a very rare case, but I had that file mentioned there.

It is possibly caused by you are referring file1/file2/file3 as an absolute path which is not in build context, Docker only search the path in build context.

E.g. if you use COPY /home/yourname/file1, Docker build interprets it as ${docker build working directory}/home/yourname/file1, if no file with same name here, no file or directory error is thrown.

Refer to One of the docker issue

Seems that the commands:

docker build -t imagename .


docker build -t imagename - < Dockerfile2

are not executed the same way. If you want to build 2 docker images from within one folder with Dockerfile and Dockerfile2, the COPY command cannot be used in the second example using stdin (< Dockerfile2). Instead you have to use:

docker build -t imagename -f Dockerfile2 .

Then COPY does work as expected.

This happened to me when trying to run the docker file from a different directory.

I had the COPY failed: stat /var/lib/docker/tmp/docker-builder929708051/XXXX: no such file or directory and managed to resolve this by specifying the docker file.

Running docker build . -f docker/development/Dockerfile worked.

But running Runningdocker build docker/development/Dockerfile` caused this issue.

-f or --file to specify the name and location of the Dockerfile.

It found it strange at first because when i had the Dockerfile in the apps root directory it worked fine. This will help if you want to manage your environment docker files a little better.

I feel a little stupid, but my issue was that I was running docker-compose, and my Dockerfile was in a ./deploy subdirectory. My ADD reference needed to be relative to the root of the project, not the Dockerfile.

Changed: ADD ./file.tar.gz /etc/folder/ to: ADD ./deploy/file.tar.gz /etc/folder/

Anyhow, thought I'd post in case someone ran into the same issue.

File not found error with Docker put_archive. I am using the Python API for docker. Docker version 1.12.5, build 7392c3b

docker.errors.NotFound: 404 Client Error: Not Found ("lstat /var/lib/docker/aufs/mnt/39d58e00519ba4171815ee4444f3c43d2c6a7e285102747398f6788e39ee0e87/var/lib/neo4j/certificates: no such file or directory")

I am unable to copy files to a created docker container.

con = cli.create_container(...)

If I change the order of operation there is no error and the files are copied exactly to were I want them. So I know my code is working and doing what I want it to do. But its important to copy configuration files to a container before it is started. Coping the files after the start cuases the container to start with a default configuration and not the custom configuration which needs to be copied into place before the container is started. Docker claims that this issue is closed but it is still affecting my application.

This works; Same code different execution order.

con = cli.create_container(...)

I was searching for a fix on this and the folder i was ADD or COPY'ing was not in the build folder, multiple directories above or referenced from /

Moving the folder from outside the build folder into the build folder fixed my issue.

Previous calls on COPY may be changing the directory.

COPY ./server/package.json ./server      # this passes, but the dest ./server is considered a file

COPY ./server/dist ./server/dist         # error, ./server/dist is not a directory

Add a trailing slash to the first call

COPY ./server/package.json ./server/

I just experienced this problem and none of the suggestions here solved my problem. Turns out I had the wrong line endings in my file, and had to change them to the appropriate line endings. (In this case from CRLF to LF, so Ubuntu 14.04 would recognize the script, which I had been editing on windows.)

I changed the line endings using VSCode, and most code editors should have the option of choosing line endings.

Hope this helps someone.

For following error,

COPY failed: stat /<**path**> :no such file or directory

I got it around by restarting docker service.

sudo service docker restart

if you are sure that you did the right thing, but docker still complains, take a look at this issue: I got burnt by this, and it seems like restarting docker engine service docker restart will just fix this problem.

one of the way to don't use stdin and keep the context is:

1) in your Dockerfile, you should add

ADD /your_dir_to_copy /location_in_container

2) after, you should go on the parent of /your_dir_to_copy dir

2) then run this command

sudo docker build . -t (image/name) -f path_of_your_dockerfile/Dockerfile

3) after you create your container

docker run -ti --rm cordova bash

4) After you will get your directory copied in your container

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