using legacy project in Eclipse

I wish to use "C" legacy project in the Eclipse. In the project it require "autoreconf -vi" followed by "./configure" before make to start. My problem is I am not able to do "autoreconf -vi" and "./configure" from the eclipse.

Thanks Arpit


You should try enabling the autotools features from the Eclipse Linuxtools Plugin: if you have CDT, the Linuxtools plugin should already be available in your eclipse environment. However, you need to enable features from it:

  • use the following menu: Help / Install New Software
  • in the search box type "linux", find the plugin and
  • check the box (+ OK)
  • finally select at least Linux "Tools/Autotools support for CDT" (also call graph, gcov, gprof, ltt could be interesting but not needed for your problem)

Note: if you do not already have the plugin available, detailed instructions with an update URL are available in the Linux Tools Project/PluginInstallHelp wiki page.

Once you have this plugin installed, you can:

  1. Convert an existing project by: File / New / Convert to a C/C++ Autotools Project / Next / Next / Finish
  2. Edit the project properties as needed: Project / Properties / Autotools / Configure Settings, e.g., to specify configure flags in the advanced tab, platform specifiers for cross compilation etc.

Hope it'll help.

Cheers, Christophe.

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The use of "autoconf" and similar hacks is no longer required. They were needed to port C code to platforms that failed to properly support ISO C89, but did made a reasonable attaempt. We're 21 years later and such systems are quite rare.

So, you should check for the use of Autoconf macros and remove those.

Scrapping ./configure might be harder, but it's also possible you might not need it at all - it could exist only as a result of autoconf.

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