bad line length exception in jscape FTPS library

All, I am getting this exception

com.jscape.inet.ftp.FtpException: bad line length at com.jscape.inet.ftps.FtpsClient.(Unknown Source) at com.jscape.inet.ftps.FtpsClient.createUnprotected(Unknown Source) at com.jscape.inet.ftps.Ftps$DefaultStrategy.createClient(Unknown Source) at com.jscape.inet.ftps.Ftps.connect(Unknown Source) at com.jscape.inet.ftps.Ftps.connect(Unknown Source)

while using the library from jscape.Does anybody know what an "bad line length" might be?


Download and install wireshark, then monitor your network traffic to determine what's actually being transmitted. Also, try adding your calling code to your question so we can see how you're interfacing with jscape.

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