Cloudera REST Api to fetch Task resource

Getting difficulties to find the correct API and URL to fetch the Task resource against a particular application from Cloudera-Admin (CDH5). I have already checked it's API doc for the same, but unable to find the correct one. Task details was available for CDH4 as below. http:///proxy/application_1326232085508_0004/ws/v1/mapreduce/jobs/job_1326232085508_4_4/task

I am looking for the same with CDH5.

May I have any help on it.


Is this the one you are searching for:{appid}/ws/v1/mapreduce/jobs/{jobid}/tasks{appid}/ws/v1/mapreduce/jobs/{jobid}/tasks/{taskid}/attempts

curl command is used in the examples given. I have removed the appid, jobid and taskid from the example and posted here.

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