How to find frequency of a variable over multiple columns in hive?

I have data regarding gender of people under 8 columns:


Now I want to find out the frequency of male, fmale, unkn using hive. Something like


I'm new to Hive but I know we need to use group by. Can someone please help me with the query?


Use Hive Reflect to get the counts.

  1. Create table having whole line as one column

  2. Use Hive Reflection to count number of occurrence on the column. Example

select reflect("org.apache.commons.lang.StringUtils", "countMatches", "MALE;FMALE;UNKN;MALE;FMALE;FMALE;MALE;MALE", "MALE") as Males, reflect("org.apache.commons.lang.StringUtils", "countMatches", "MALE;FMALE;UNKN;MALE;FMALE;FMALE;MALE;MALE", "FEMALE") as females from mytable

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