Is there any way to run impala shell with sql script with parameters?

Is there any way to run impala shell with SQL script with parameters?

For example:

impala-shell -f /home/john/sql/load.sql /dir1/dir2/dir3/data_file

I got errors:

Error, could not parse arguments "-f /home/john/sql/load.sql /dir1/dir2/dir3/data_file”


No, you can specify a file of sql statements with -f, but it does not take a file of parameters. See the impala-shell documentation for more details:

This feature is available in CDH 5.7 / Impala 2.5 and higher.

The --var option lets you pass substitution variables to the statements that are executed by that impala-shell session, for example the statements in a script file processed by the -f option. You encode the substitution variable on the command line using the notation --var=variable_name=value. Within a SQL statement, you substitute the value by using the notation ${var:variable_name}.

See more details directly in the documentation :

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