How to connect to Hive server on VMware from Tableau on my desktop?

This is my first time using Tableau to talk to a Hadoop data source.

My computer configuration:

Desktop: Win7+Tableau9.3.5,

Hadoop 2.7.2 + Hive 2.0 on CentOS7 on VMware (same machine with Win7)

I can ping from my desktop to the Hive server which is on a node on VMware.

In my Tableau on my desktop, I set the data source as HiverServer2 where I provided the credential.

I was declined access with an error below:

Can anyone help me sort it out?

Thank you very much.


Make sure you have the latest Hive ODBC connector installed and configured with the updated CA Certification PEM file (cacerts.pem file).

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