How to pass values from Controller to view in zend framework 3?

I am having trouble passing values from Controller to View in Zend Framework 3.

I tried the following: tried to print $msg in index page, it is having null values on index page but in add.phtml it is displaying the message correctly.


public function addAction()
  $form = new AlbumForm();
  $msg ='hello';
  $request = $this->getRequest();

  if ($request->isPost()) {
      $album = new Album();

      $add = $request->getPost('submit', 'Cancel');
      if ($form->isValid()) {
          //$this->flashMessenger()->addSuccessMessage('<b>Added Successfully...</b>');
          //$successMessages = $this->flashMessenger()->hasSuccessMessages() ? $this->flashMessenger()->getSuccessMessages() : null;
      } else {
          //$this->flashMessenger()->addMessage('<div class="alert alert-danger" role="alert"><b>Failed to Add...!!</b></div>');
      return $this->redirect()->toRoute('album');
  //return array('form' => $form,'success' => $successMessages);
  $view = new ViewModel(array('message' => $msg, 'form' => $form));
  return $view;


     echo($this->msg ? 'true' : 'false');


You are passing $msg to the view as message. So you need to use message to access it in the view.

<?php echo($this->message ? 'true' : 'false');?>

Or use it like this:

// AlbumController.php
$view = new ViewModel(array('msg' => $msg, 'form' => $form));

// index.phtml
<?php echo($this->msg ? 'true' : 'false');?>

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