How can I combine the $not Logical Query Operator in conjunction with other Comparison Query Operators to get a more specific yield?

This is the result of my document after query


{name:'john',     sessionIDz:"utFmxmRioDiZdmwGJ"},
{name:'jessica',  sessionIDz:"FmwgXvxHZmuAwSzpe"},
{name:'Liz',      sessionIDz:"FmwgXvxHZmuAwSzpe"},
{name:'Ericsson', sessionIDz:"FmwgXvxHZmuAwSzpe", Winner: 1},
{name:'Anderson', sessionIDz:"utFmxmRioDiZdmwGJ"}

After query:

players.find( { Winner: { $not: { $gte: 1 } } } ).fetch()


{name:'Anderson', sessionIDz:"utFmxmRioDiZdmwGJ"},
{name:'john', sessionIDz:"utFmxmRioDiZdmwGJ"},
{name:'jessica', sessionIDz:"FmwgXvxHZmuAwSzpe"},
{name:'Liz', sessionIDz:"FmwgXvxHZmuAwSzpe"}

Which is fine. But now, how do I further narrow down the yield to all documents containing fields sessionIDz:"FmwgXvxHZmuAwSzpe", as illustrated below:

{name:'jessica', sessionIDz:"FmwgXvxHZmuAwSzpe"},
{name:'Liz', sessionIDz:"FmwgXvxHZmuAwSzpe"}

Is there a way I can combine the $not Logical Query Operator in conjunction with other Comparison Query Operators to achieve this yield?.

I have tried the query below, but fail to get the desired result:

player.find({Winner: { $not: { $gte: 1 }}}, {sessionIDz: { $eq:"FmwgXvxHZmuAwSzpe" } }).fetch()

Your help is much appreciated.


You need to include the condition within the same query object. Because the logic NOT greater than or equal to

{ "$not": { "$gte": 1 } }

is just the same as LESS than

{ "$lt": 1 }

your query may be simplified to

    "Winner": { "$lt": 1 }, 
    "sessionIDz": "FmwgXvxHZmuAwSzpe" 

or if you want to query where the Winner field does not exist, the query is

    "Winner": { "$exists": false }, 
    "sessionIDz": "FmwgXvxHZmuAwSzpe" 

The query json must be the first argument to the find function. You have split the query into 2 separate objects and that is why you are not getting the desired result.

Please try the following:

player.find( { Winner: { $not: { $gte: 1 } }, sessionIDz: "FmwgXvxHZmuAwSzpe" }).fetch()

Also, not greater than or equal to = lesser than. So the following will also achieve your results.

player.find( { Winner: { $lt: 1 }, sessionIDz: "FmwgXvxHZmuAwSzpe" }).fetch()

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