Intellisense: command-line error: invalid macro definition

I am having problem regarding intellisense :

IntelliSense: command-line error: invalid macro definition: _CRT_SECURE_CPP_OVERLOAD_STANDARD_NAMES_COUNT =1 d:\Bharat\Max\CreateMatFile\createMatFile3\createMatFile3\createMatFile3.cpp

In my visual studio 2012 for c++ project. Anyone can help me out to resolve this would be highly appreciated.


I had the very same problem and I managed to remove the space before " =1" as follows:

  1. Go to the "Property Manager": in the menu select "View" -> "Property Manager"
  2. Navigate to your appropriate solution and platform (e.g. "Release | x64") and expand it to see the property sheets
  3. Now search these property sheets for the wrong preprocessor settings as follows:
  4. Right click on the property sheet and select "Properties"
  5. Go for the preprocessor settings: "Common Properties" -> "C/C++" -> "Preprocessor"
  6. Remove the missplaced space

In my configuration one of these property sheets had the wrong preprocessor setting with the additional space " =1". I fixed it and voilĂ  intellisense worked again!

In case of error message

e0992 command-line error: invalid macro definition: _m_cee=001

problem was solved by:

  1. Right click on the target project in "Solution Explorer" and select "Properties"
  2. Go to section "Configuration Properties" -> "C/C++" -> "Command Line"
  3. In an Additional parameters add an option "/Zc:twoPhase-"
  4. Apply and rebuild the project.

Also will be helpful to see build log file $(IntDir)$(MSBuildProjectName).log (Name can be redefined in "General" -> "Build Log File" configuration section)

PS: In case of using C++/CLI

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