SOAP webservice Error:Response to preflight request does not pass access control check 'Access-Control-Access-Origin' using SOAPClient.js

I have consumed a SOAP webservice in my application using SOAP client library. Webservice runs properly if I execute my code in disable—secuity mode. But if I run my code without disabling the security mode I am not able to run my webservice .

Controller which invokes SOAPClient.js

function GetSoapResponse() {
  var pl = new SOAPClientParameters();
  SOAPClient.invoke(url, "HelloWorld", pl, true, GetSoapResponse_callBack);

function GetSoapResponse_callBack(r, soapResponse) {
  if (soapResponse.xml) // IE
  else // MOZ
    alert((new XMLSerializer()).serializeToString(soapResponse));


it looks like the server rendering the webservice dos not support CORS

The "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" parameter have to set on the server side while sending the HTTP response and not on the client side (while sending the request)

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