How may I run testing suite XML files in parallel?

I have two TestNG test suite XML files, each suite has two classes, and I want to run both suites in parallel.

I don't want to run methods or classes in parallel; I want to run the suites in parallel using TestNG, because each suite has its own config parameters.



I'd recommend a Suite-of-Suites configuration. Please see my answer here.

From your surefire plugin, you'd simply need to invoke your master suite file instead of each one individually.

Instead of executing suites files in parallel, create two test suites in one xml and set parallel="tests".

And specify your parameters inside <test> </test> tags, below is an example.

<suite name="Demo Suite" parallel="tests">        
        <test name="TestSuite1">
            <parameter name="" value="firefoxDriver" />
                <class name="com.example.Demo1" />
        <test name="TestSuite2">
            <parameter name="" value="chromeDriver" />
                <class name="com.example.Demo2" />

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