Integration Test with Arquillian doesn´t working on JBoss EAP 6 Remote on Linux

When I try to execute integration test with arquillian and jboss eap 6 remote on linux, now return

the:org.jboss.arquillian.container.spi.client.container.DeploymentException: Could not deploy to container: Authentication failed: all available authentication mechanisms failed

On windows work very fine as localhost as other machine.

This is my configuration:

file arquillian.xml

<defaultProtocol type="Servlet 3.0" />

 <container qualifier="jboss7" default="true">
        <property name="managementAddress"></property>
        <property name="managementPort">9999</property>
        <property name="username">deploy</property>
        <property name="password">xxxx</property>




standalone.xml = jboss eap 6.0

    <interface name="management">
        <inet-address value="${}"/>
    <interface name="public">
        <inet-address value="${jboss.bind.address:}"/>
    <!-- TODO - only show this if the jacorb subsystem is added  -->
    <interface name="unsecure">
          ~  Used for IIOP sockets in the standard configuration.
          ~                  To secure JacORB you need to setup SSL 
        <inet-address value="${jboss.bind.address.unsecure:}"/>
<socket-binding-group name="standard-sockets" default-interface="public" port-offset="${jboss.socket.binding.port-offset:0}">
    <socket-binding name="management-native" interface="management" port="${}"/>
    <socket-binding name="management-http" interface="management" port="${}"/>
    <socket-binding name="management-https" interface="management" port="${}"/>
    <socket-binding name="ajp" port="8009"/>
    <socket-binding name="http" port="8080"/>
    <socket-binding name="https" port="8443"/>
    <socket-binding name="osgi-http" interface="management" port="8090"/>
    <socket-binding name="remoting" port="4447"/>
    <socket-binding name="txn-recovery-environment" port="4712"/>
    <socket-binding name="txn-status-manager" port="4713"/>
    <outbound-socket-binding name="mail-smtp">
        <remote-destination host="localhost" port="25"/>

Anyone can help me ?


Try to add a management user in your remote instance, in your case:

user deploy/

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