How to jar a Java program for Hadoop

I am going through Chapter 2 of Hadoop: The Definitive Guide 4e.

The book tells me to do the following steps:

export HADOOP_CLASSPATH=hadoop-examples.jar
hadoop MaxTemperature input/ncdc/sample.txt output

What is hadoop-examples.jar? How do I jar MaxTemperature?

The code is available here:


In border of my school studies we did nearly the same.

You just have to compile it directly into a jar file. So you can use it easier from command line or hadoop. Otherwise you would need to compile it with


and go on, also with all the libraries.

I guess you use something like Eclipse as IDE. There you can compile it directly into a jar file.

Export > Java > Runnable JAR file

Then you can use it in command line like this:

java -jar filename.jar

or put it into the hadoop cluster.


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