Linking error between assembler and C code (MinGW)

Error: In function '_go': c.asm:(.text+0x6): undefined reference to `k_main' compilation: asm\nasm -f elf -o c.o c.asm bin\ld -oformatbinary -Ttext 0x200000 -o bin\kernel.bin c.o bin\video.o bin\inter.o bin\finter.o bin\kernel.o -I "C:\MinGW\include" -L "C:\MinGW\lib" c.asm:

section .text
global _go
extern  k_main
    mov esp, 0x200000-4`
    call  k_main


void k_main(){

Help please


The actual encoding of identifiers is defined by the object-format/platform/compiler, and in this case C functions get a underscore prefixed, so the symbol is actually _k_main.

You can use macros to do the encoding if you want it to be portable, or you can force the symbol in the C source code.

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