Get the description of a status code in Python Requests

I would like to be able to enter a server response code and have Requests tell me what the code means. For example, code 200 --> ok

I found a link to the source code which shows the dictionary structure of the codes and descriptions. I see that Requests will return a response code for a given description:

print  # returns 102
print          # returns 200
print   # returns 404

But not the other way around:

print[200]        # returns None
print  # returns dict_keys([])
print      # returns []

I thought this would be a routine task, but cannot seem to find an answer to this in online searching, or in the documentation.


One possibility:

>>> import requests
>>> requests.status_codes._codes[200]
('ok', 'okay', 'all_ok', 'all_okay', 'all_good', '\\o/', '\xe2\x9c\x93')

The first value in the tuple is used as the conventional code key.

Alternatively, in case of Python 2.x, you can use httplib.responses:

>>> import httplib
>>> httplib.responses[200]
>>> httplib.responses[404]
'Not Found'

In Python 3.x, use http module:

In [1]: from http.client import responses

In [2]: responses[200]
Out[2]: 'OK'

In [3]: responses[404]
Out[3]: 'Not Found'

works nicely and makes it more readable in my application code

Notice that in source code: the is of type LookupDict which overrides method getitem

You could see all the supported keys with - dir(

When using in combination with FLASK:

i like use following enum from flask-api plugin from flask_api import status where i get more descriptive version of HTTP status codes as in -


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