Failed to resolve:

I didn't find out what's causing the problem below. Could you help me, please?

Error:Failed to resolve: Install Repository and sync projectOpen FileShow in Project Structure dialog


You have to update Application level build.gradle to classpath '' from 2.x.x. Hope this will help

Update your android sdk manager - Google repository version to 28 & Google play services to 30. It will work fine.

If anyone has this problem and have updated SDK and still isnt working my fix was the google play services version in my build code read '' and I changed it to ''

I resolved this problem by uninstall Google Repository from SDK Manager then install it again. Hope this helps

Need Your Help

Cannot instantiate class

android android-menu searchview android-appcompat

Please somebody help me! I trying add appcompat search view to my project. Unsuccessfully. When I change to SearchView (API > 10) everything's fine.