The entity type 'IdentityUserLogin<string>' requires a primary key to be defined


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keys of Identity tables are mapped in OnModelCreating method of IdentityDbContext and if this method is not called, you will end up getting the error that you got.

All you need to do is call.

protected override void OnModelCreating(ModelBuilder modelBuilder)

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Okay. So i will try to answer my own question, because i did get past it. Its still possible to follow the github link in the OP, and see the project i got the error in.

Mainly what was wrong, was that i thouth i got this error trying to migrate the ApplicationDbContext : IDentityContext but actually the error was thrown based on my other dbContext in the application, when i tried to run the migration on that one. I am still a little unaware as to why the other DbContext picked up on these Identity entities which i had not referred to anywhere, i think it's odd that a dbcontext seems to know something about entities not mentioned in the OnModelCreating method. Anyway - when i found out that it wasn't the IdentityDbContext that something was wrong with, i simply added the following in the OnModelCreating of the context that threw the error:

 protected override void OnModelCreating(ModelBuilder modelBuilder)
            modelBuilder.Ignore <IdentityUserLogin<string>>();
            modelBuilder.Ignore <IdentityUserRole<string>>();

So ... i am still wondering why my context is picking up on these entities without having anything to do with them, and i am pretty worried that each time i add a context i have to exclude models in contrary to including them.

I had a similar issue relating to your initial problem where

The entity type 'IdentityUserLogin' requires a primary key to be defined.

And while I think your solution to ignore entities seems to work, I just wanted to provide another solution for those who actually do want to assign a primary key to each entity. The problem is that whenever you create an entity, the DbContext will want keep track of the primary key for each - thus, you'd have to assign it.

See my example below, where Project and Target are my entities, and I've assigned it each a property I would like to use as the primary key for each entity.

protected override void OnModelCreating(ModelBuilder builder)
    builder.Entity<Project>().HasKey(m => m.ProjectPath);
    builder.Entity<Target>().HasKey(m => m.Guid);

After you've identified and assigned which property should be designated as the primary key for that entity, the error will go away.

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