Binding a single event handler to multiple events with jQuery

I have the following div with different functions for onblur, onmousedown, onmouseup, and onfocus.. I want to minimize the code and have only one function call inside div for all the function states. I want to do this with jquery So in other words. I want to create a function called functionAll and put all of function1 to function 4 with it's mouse state inside, then just use functionAll inside the Div. How can I do something like this?

<div contentEditable="true"
     onmousedown="return function2(event);"
    test test


You should put an id on the div, say "test", then:

$('#test').bind('blur mousedown mouseup focus', function (e) {
    // This is your combined function
    // Inside here you can use e.type to find out whether it was a
    // "blur", "mousedown", "mouseup", etc...

The HTML will look like:

<div id="test" contentEditable="true">
    test test

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