How to trace or debug all available javascript events

How can I trace all javascript events of a Webpage?

Is there a possibility to trace all events, even such without a handler attached?

Is there any tool out there, that can do this?


For example:

For a text input i can add an event handler for onblur and onchange.

If I (in the browser) change the value of the textfield and leave it, both eventhandlers are executed. Now I would like to know which other events I "have missed" (the ones which would have been executed if there was an eventhandler attached).


Can I get a list(on a given element) of all possible events I can attach an eventhandler?


Here is a list of Javascript events:

Here's a simple script to log all available events in the browser's console:

var ev = '',
    out = [];
for (ev in window) {
    if (/^on/.test(ev)) { 
        out[out.length] = ev;
console.log(out.join(', '));

Of course you'll get only the events of the browser you're currently using.

This is my favorite reference, it is updated more frequently than some of the other posts:

You can use FireBug Profiling Tool on FF and Web Developer Tool on IE8 or Developer Tools on WebKit


Just curious though, what do want to do with those events?

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